My Ocean

The ocean covers nearly three-quarters of our planet and is made up of many ocean basins. The ocean provides us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. This interactive game takes students on a journey through the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, and Arctic oceans. Each ocean contains multiple levels. In player mode, players must travel sequentially through these levels in order to unlock the next ocean. In teacher mode, players can move non-sequentially from level-to-level and ocean-to-ocean. To change mode, click on the options button in the main menu once the game is open. People playing My Ocean learn about food chains, ocean health, and conservation by adding organisms to different ocean ecosystems in this fun matching game. In each level, organisms reflect real-life food pyramids and predator-prey relationships. Each level begins with a video introducing the ocean and ends with a quiz to assess the knowledge the player gained. At any point during play, players may access an ocean encyclopedia that provides information about the organism the players are interacting with. Please note that this game requires the Unity 3D web player plugin to work.

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